We love outdoor sports and adrenaline. But not without professional development and building a nice career. We thought about dropping out of college to go snowboarding full-time.. We thought about quitting our job and travel fulltime… But then.. would this not be a little selfish?

Is there not a middle road?

Yes! We found it. Or at least, we are discovering it as we speak. We are a group of young professionals: employees, trainees and freelancers that have found a pretty good balance in combining career building with outdoor adventure.

Some call us digital nomads but we’re not nomadic. We just enjoy what Europe has to offer. The best adventures can be found closer than you think.

This site is for those who grow tired of the nomadism hype that is selfish. For those who grew tired of the ‘quit your job and go travel the world’ blogposts.

This site is for those who want to get creative in enjoying the outdoors Рwithout quitting your job. When you feel forced to choose between surfing and a career Рyou can have both.



Some Dutch beach bums (that strive to make some kind of a contribution to this society)


career minded beach bums